Alarms & Central Station Monitoring

Burglar Alarm Installation

IDR is a licensed security alarm installer in the states of New York and New Jersey. We provide professional security alarm installation and 24 x 7 security alarm monitoring services. We are certified to install Honeywell, DSC and Rhombus security alarms. Our team of experts take your security very seriously. We will thoroughly assess your office, school or home to provide adequate security for the premises. We have years of experience installing and monitoring systems which include door contacts, motion sensors, photo-beams and glass break detectors.
Our design team will take aesthetics and proper placement into consideration. We understand that aesthetics are important, we will work closely with you to determine if flush mount and smaller devices are appropriate. These options provide both security and an appealing finish. We can even work with our distributors to source the best color matching options or even paintable security devices to allow the devices to blend in.
IDR provides both traditional and cloud security alarm services. Our cloud partner Rhombus has a wonderful security alarm featuring door contacts, motion sensors and video cameras. Their central station monitors the cameras and uses the security devices to alert the central station to review the camera associated with the device. They will then take action based on what is seen on the recordings and live view for that camera. You can use the Rhombus app to monitor your entire security system infrastructure for all of your facilities or properties.
Our traditional security alarm solutions also offer a mobile application which will allow the user to arm and disarm the system even when they are remotely. If you need a visitor to enter the building you can disarm the security alarm for them when they arrive. You can even unlock the door if you integrate a remote unlock access control solution.
IDR is a full service security shop and our experts are standing by ready to help you put together your security package. Give us a call today and ask how we can help!