Commercial A/V

IDR Technology Solutions provides a full suite of custom commercial A/V solutions. We have been providing A/V integrations for schools and offices alike. With the evolution of meeting room software it has never been simpler or more affordable to put together a telepresence solution for a conference room, board room or classroom. There have been incredible advancements in technology including DSP to create audio flow zones between microphones and speakers, in-ceiling microphones and speakers which look like drop-ceiling tiles and affordable Teams Meeting Room and Zoom Meeting Room packages which mitigate the high cost of telepresence conferencing solutions.
Today’s solutions are less complex and more affordable thanks in great part to the high availability of IP / API integrations. You can significantly reduce cost by eliminating the need for complex automation solutions. Many modern systems are even simpler to maintain. Your A/V system will work flawlessly and at a price you are happy with.
Our sales engineers and design team work closely with all of our clients to discuss every detail from technology, to operational uses and even aesthetic details. Our project managers will ensure a smooth project and integration. Give IDR a call today to see how we can support your school or office.

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