Manage all the activities and functions of your building, from any device, anywhere in the world. IDR will help design the perfect intercom system for your property or office. We have partnered with some of the best products for intercom solutions and are confident we can help simplify your management while providing excellent features such as remote unlock, video and audio over mobile application and so much more!

Today you can have entire property control from anywhere in the world. The products we work with are simple to manage and even easier to use. Many of the products we offer provides visibility into all entrants of the property, with easy to monitor activity logs. You can limit or provide as many features as you like for an entire property or even to individuals. Our cloud product vendors even provide mobile visitor key passes which the users can create for their guests

For buildings who prefer to use inside stations, no problem, we have partnerships with leading manufacturers of two-wire and even IP intercom systems. In some cases we can even reuse your existing wiring while upgrading the systems to provide video intercom and mobile application use.

IDR’s intercom partnerships include MVI, Butterfly MX, DoorBird, Alpha, BasIP, AiPhone, ABB and others. IDR is able to provide both IP welcome entry systems and full building systems with inside stations.

The key manufacturers we work with are:

Intercoms Enhancing Communication and Safety in Schools

Intercom systems have come a long way from their origins as basic communication devices. These versatile systems now play a crucial role in enhancing security, convenience, and communication in a wide range of settings. From residential homes and apartment complexes to hospitals, schools, and businesses, intercoms have evolved to meet the diverse needs of modern society.
Understanding Intercom Systems
Applications and Use Cases
Innovations and Future Trends