Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems

IDR has years of experience installing on-premises and cloud camera systems. We have completed projects both large and small including a small office which only needs 1 camera all to projects as large as 50 building deployments including centralized VMS and mobile access to the sites. IDR’s sales process will help you determine the best solution for your needs.

Today’s market is very cloud driven. Cloud does provide exception quality and ease of management. IDR is partners with Rhombus, Vivotek Vortex, and Verkada. The cloud cameras offer incredible security for your office including smart analytics features such as License Plate Reading, Facial Recognition, and more! You can create real time alerting for loitering detection. When combined with an access control system you can even detect if the face does not match the users card and send alerts in real time with one-second latency.

Cloud storage is also wonderful, the cameras record both locally and in the cloud thus eliminating the need to worry about NVR management and hard drive failure. You can have confidenc that your recordings will always be available.

Some customers need more advanced configurations and large scale VMS solutions. For these clients we have partnerships with one of the worlds leading manufacturers Vivotek. Vivotek cameras are incredible cameras and also include smart analytic features and very powerful and FREE VMS software called VAST2. VAST2 doe have its limitations for extremely large deployments we can utilize specialized VMS management. Vivotek provide multi-sensor cameras and PTZ cameras which are currently not available in the cloud market.

IDR's camera process

One of our sales reps will contact you to assess your needs, then follow up with a site plan review and / or on-site meeting. Our sales team will assess your needs and the space, taking into account camera view and footage preferred to be captured, hard drive requirements, storage requirements for the customer etc, VMS requirements and features. The sales / design team will build a system that fits your needs and your budget. Once the project is approved you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will coordinate the project with your office. The project manager will work with the installing technicians to ensure that we provide a quality installation and configuration to your liking. All documentation will be submitted upon completion of the project.

The key manufacturers we work with are: