Structured Cabling Data Voice Fiber

IDR has been providing cabling solutions for nearly 20 years. All of our technicians go through extensive training and carry the OSHA 30 and SST safety training and aerial scissor lift certifications. Our cabling design specialists can help you to design any cabling solution. We understand how important the little details are and during our design and project management phases of each project we take great care in the finite details. This includes paying close attention to details such as colors, cable lengths, furniture specifications, ladder rack / cable tray design and many other aspects.

Our team can provide everything for your solution including

All of our cabling installation adheres to local and national fire and electrical code. Our team takes immense pride in the neatness of our cabling, including proper suspension of cabling in ceiling, wire combing of all cables for a neat picture perfect finish and neatly dressing all cables in appropriate sized bundles and managed using Velcro. All cables and network drops will be labeled and cables will be installed around the building so that cable ID”s increment in a clockwise manner.

All of our cabling projects include a dedicated project manager who will oversee all aspects of your project. Our team will build cabling documentation including As-Built drawings, Cable Certification Results and photo reports. Our project managers will keep you informed every step of the way and include you in the key decision making process especially for items that require aesthetic consideration. We have completed cabling projects for enterprise clients, major retailers, hospitals and fund managers alike.

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